What is ModìLite?

ModìLite is an eco-guided micro-invasive treatment that exploits the heat generated by a laser source to destroy portions of nodular tissue, inducing a progressive reduction in nodular volume with subsequent disappearance of the compressive and aesthetic symptoms of the neck.

ModìLite, through the use of very thin needles in which optical fibers are inserted, allows the destruction of the neoplastic tissue, avoiding the trauma from open surgical access with advantages, such as absence or less post-operative pain, no or short hospitalization and a return to social life in a very short time.

ModìLite Applications

  • Treatment of single or multiple benign solid thyroid nodules with a volume capable of causing aesthetic damage or symptoms of local compression.
  • Treatment of slowly progressing malignant thyroid tumors or undetermined lesions for which the doctor's choice of treatment may result in active surveillance.
  • Treatment of metastatic lymph nodes of the neck.

Treatment Objectives

  • For benign lesions: determine a volumetric reduction of the nodule due to the cytoreduction process induced by laser ablation, with consequent improvement or disappearance of the symptomatology.
  • For malignant lesions: produce a complete ablation of the mass with a sufficient margin of safety to achieve its total destruction.
thyroid image

How it works

Depending on the size of the lump, one or two optical fibers are inserted into the nodule through 21G needles under ultrasound guidance. The treatment does not require local anesthesia and is performed in a Day Hospital regimen. The treatment lasts 10-20 minutes, the time necessary for the heat inside the lump to cause the destruction of the treated tissue. There are no incisions or stitches and the entire session is completed in about 30 minutes, including the time for preparation.

Recovery times are very short and you can return to your daily routine from the day after the treatment. The effectiveness of ModìLite allows you to achieve a good result with a single treatment.

In the following months, thyroid function and ultrasound checks are routinely performed to establish the reduction in the volume of the lump.


  • Reduces compressive and cosmetic symptoms
  • It has a short duration (about 30 minutes – including patient preparation)
  • It is performed in a Day Hospital regime
  • Does not leave marks on the neck (absence of scars)
  • Very short recovery times
  • Uses 21G needles that respect the structures of the neck
  • Requires neither general nor local anesthesia
  • Produces a highly predictable and repeatable clotting volume as required in small organs surrounded by vital critical structures
  • Does not require drug therapy for life such as removal surgery

Click here to download your ModiLite Brochure: ModiLite Brochure (English)